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While i wish i could incorporate every project on S|G into my personal space, i have to keep my nerdy fascination for storage at bay... making an effort to avoid being one of those people with boxes of boxes, inside bigger boxes... i can hear it now "Hey Laurence, do you have any boxes?" "Sure do, they are in my special box room"... nobody wants to be that girl.

I moved into my a new space last october, and there are a couple little projects i thought you might get a kick out of. Enjoy

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Meg | 4/19/12, 11:09 PM

Just wanted to say that I love your blog! Have loved the posts since you came back from your "break". And you're right, no one wants to be the one with a box house with a box room full of boxes that are full of boxes...WHERE WOULD THE MADNESS END!? dun dun dunnn.

The Storage Geek | 6/7/12, 9:25 AM

My partner in crime purged my closet full o empty boxes or me. It was a much needed intervention. I have since done something similar to you, I began a blog about storage. Now I can Geek out with others and only use what I love (but mostly can afford.)
You can find me at The Storage Geek ( or i you want to drop by or coffee I live about an hour and a half from the GTA.;)

Laurence : | 6/14/12, 8:37 PM

Thanks Storage Geek. Great stuff on your site!

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