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Folding Miracles

Clothes: Hung. Clever solution for small, transitional spaces. 

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Baskets as Bins

normally used for outdoor plants, they can double as quick indoor toy storage.  (via)

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Golden Honey

Gold-leafed, icon honey bottle turned vase. bravo. (photo instructions available here)

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Basic Baskets

perfectly subtle (and probably not too difficult to replicate if you're feeling crafty). via

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Back in the Groove with Herb Storage

Things outside the Storage World have certainly taken over, but i've dug out a nook of time to get back on the Wagon-o-Glee. 

To start off the best thing i've seen in a while: Herb Storage. Get fresh herbs, dice, place in a spare icecube tray with olive oil.... freeze. Pop out and drop into your omelette, stir fry, soup... brilliant!

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stored: SOFT ice cream

I'm a weirdo because ice cream makes me gag, but there are some people I know for whom it is their life force. Apparently if you keep it in a ziplock bag it will keep soft and you'll avoid breaking spoons. Can anyone confirm this?

(drop me a line if you know the image source)
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Overachieving Picnic Basket

So this is a bike-friendly picnic basket that also manages to be a bloody table.

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Contact Beauty

Contact lens case Hemisphere by Marianne Koo

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Sewing Basket: Epic Edition

Playful take on a classic design by Kiki van Eijk.

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Knife Storage Level: Japanese

Every beautifully designed knife, in its beautiful sliding spot.

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Bungeed Balls

Because nobody likes having their balls all over the place... 


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Tissues à Tête

not convinced it's that hard it is to reach to the bedside table, but i guess when you're sick every little thing helps. [via

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Crates + Tweens

When i was 13, i made up a fake boyfriend to make a real boyfriend jealous... being precocious, i came up with what i thought was a cool sounding name: Crate... i told my friends we met at swim lessons.

That aside, 4 crates (of the box variety) combine to make an excellent coffee table. 


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Kid Storage

Use a pool noodle to keep your wee ones (and grown ones for that matter) from toppling out of bed. Via lifehacker.

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Practical Origami (without sarcasm)

Seriously, who has been holding out on me regarding this ingenious way of folding chip bags. I can't say this would be useful on a daily basis, but my goodness is it clever! Is this the sort of things that everyone knows about, but me?

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Oh heavens...

could this solution be any simpler... cut loo rolls to keep wrapping paper neat and tidy... mind blown... 

(drop me a line if you know the image source)
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Family + Friends: Stored

"Dinner is ready... can someone help Nanny off the shelf?"... Charming project 'Shelving the Body' by Darragh Casey. 

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A Garage with a View

Jealousy-inducing storage for the 'larger' items in your collection. A garage like no other by Peter Kunz Architektur.

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Cabinet of functional curiosity

'Shrine' by architect Sigund Larsen is a time capsule on steroids.

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Now you see it....

ridiculously clever shelving/furniture system by ballet dancer turned designer Orla Reynolds.

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Oliver Peake, I am charmed

Just look at this bed, completely charming with its sunken status + super storage combo. Might be a wee bit tricky to make the bed, but designed like this I wouldn't imagine needing to leave it very much anyway. 

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Bikes: Bound

Customizable, elastic 'Reel' by Yeong Keun Jeong, keeps your things tucked away en route. 

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BBP: Terracotta

Black Board Paint rims on your pots for easy identification. 

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Lightning: Shelved

Straight lines are so mainstream.

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Happy Father's Day!

All these helpful devices stored in one place.... perfect gift for dad =)

[Ummmm.... so turns out this actually exists... jokes on me]