Another Way: Brown Sugar

Sure you could use a crusty piece of bread, or an apple core.... but those can get awful gross looking with why not use a nice marshmallow to keep your sugar soft?!


Jeanee | 11/4/11, 3:10 PM

Love the idea! I shared it on my blog today!


Dominique_R | 1/19/12, 4:07 PM

Huge thanks!
I live in Finland and nobody sells those clay discs that you can normally find at Stokes or Winners etc....but marshmallows I have found!

The Creative Muslimah | 4/3/12, 7:38 AM

haha! What a brilliant idea! :)

Julie | 4/8/12, 3:07 PM

Yes! And you wouldn't get a whiff of bread when you open it!

Jennifer | 5/24/12, 1:50 PM


I thought you might like to hear about a new kitchen product that keeps brown sugar (among other food items) soft and fresh for months on end with little effort. It is called the SugarBaby brown sugar saver and you can check it out at

Thalia | 6/16/12, 12:01 PM

Never would have thought of that in a million years!

Anonymous | 8/20/12, 8:49 PM

Great idea!! I use the clay disc but from now on it's marshmallows inside my lock and lock container of brown sugar.

Anonymous | 9/24/12, 3:20 PM

@ Jennifer > Why spend hard earned money buying another device when a couple of marshmellows added to the original packaging will do the same job & can be eaten at any time?

Anonymous | 9/24/12, 10:42 PM

Neat idea! i store mine in air tight jar.

Anonymous | 1/3/14, 6:48 PM

What about the rest of the marshmallows? I don't eat marshmallows. Do they keep forever? Awaiting the next bag of brown sugar a year from now?

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