Cables: Stored in TP

Grainy picture, but nice idea - toilet paper rolls repurposed and boxed for easy cable storage.


Heidi | 12/3/11, 7:09 PM

I featured this post on a series I do on my blog about five uncommon things to do with common items. This week? Toilet paper rolls, of course.

Check it out if you'd like:

Kara @ Mine for the Making | 1/3/12, 5:24 PM

This is a great idea! Found you via pinterest and featured this idea on my Facebook page today!


Anonymous | 2/25/12, 10:47 PM

or crayons. markers. colored pencils. In a train case, so they can go to crops with you.

dog leashes and harnesses (of which we have plenty!)

kotee-g | 3/11/12, 4:37 AM


Anonymous | 4/19/12, 1:22 PM

write the name of wire on outside of tube so you don't pull half the wires out before you find the one you want.

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