stored: SOFT ice cream

I'm a weirdo because ice cream makes me gag, but there are some people I know for whom it is their life force. Apparently if you keep it in a ziplock bag it will keep soft and you'll avoid breaking spoons. Can anyone confirm this?

(drop me a line if you know the image source)


Baby Furniture Singapore | 6/22/16, 12:59 AM

I cannot imagine my life without ice creams. They are my weakness. I have already broken so many spoons. Would just like to confirm weather this works.

Roy J. Fischer | 3/8/18, 1:29 AM

Soft-serve is is a lower milk fat type of dessert (3-5% contrasted with 10-18% in customary ice cream). It is likewise put away at a marginally warmer temperature (24 degrees F rather than 5 degrees F) to keep up the creamier surface.Dissertation Writers UK

John Jacob | 7/18/18, 3:26 AM

Dry Ice is utilized fundamentally as a cooling operator. It holds a lower temperature than that of customary ice so it will remain solidified for a considerable measure longer. It is every now and again used to bundle things that must stay chilly or solidified, for example, Animation Video Maker frozen yogurt or natural examples. It is additionally used to carbonate fizzy beverages. Another fun reality, it was exceptionally well known in Discos in the 90's. It was cool, trust me.

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