Three Cheers for The TOOL DOT

The guys at Laboratory 424 (of previous S|G mentions) sent me some of these extra-strenght magnets to test out. Super sticky on one side, soft and mega-magnetic on the other, the Tool Dots are overwhelmingly handy!

With my own studio set up underway, these guys arrived just in time for some fun experimenting.  The simplicity of the 'hookless key hook' seems to delight all our visitors. But it's our 'floating' paint cans that really get attention. With whiteboards all over the place we no longer have to run around trying to collect markers and brushes... now we pop off the can and take it with us on our journey. Magic.

I have secretly kept a couple to myself for home use... I imagine one could get a little obsessed with these little guys... any ideas on how they could best be used?


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