THE 1000th POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Storage People,

A big thanks for making the last year (and last 999 posts) so much fun. To the 131,834 of you that came to S|G, I hope you enjoyed your visit. A further thanks to those who leave lovely comments and send friendly emails that continuously brighten my day. It’s reassuring to know that I am not alone in my undying quest for proper and delightful organization.

There are some exciting things coming up for S|G, but I want your feedback to make sure we’re on the same page. Please comment to your wee heart’s delight all the the things S|G should STOP/START & CONTINUE doing (ex: maybe you want more text, more pictures, direct links, an e-shop, or more pictures of me hiding in boxes as a child?…). Whatever your impressions, I want to know.

In case you missed them, posted below are the top ten links from the past year. Enjoy + happy storing!

- Laurence

2. 'cure for tech frustrations'

3. 'storage fitness'

4. 'it’s ok to crochet'

5. 'never run out ever'

6. 'oh my'

7. 'temporary baby storage'

8. 'not your average closet'

9. 'coffee table wall'

10. 'crate/end table'


Anonymous | 9/7/10, 10:49 AM

We want more. Just more of everything.
Thanks for your efforts on the front line of storage.

Happy new year (Rosh Hashana).

emilieDwolf | 9/7/10, 9:08 PM

I love your blog! The diversity makes me happy and gives me loads of wonderful ideas. Please, oh please keep up your great work!

Take care!

Anna | 9/13/10, 7:29 AM

I love your site and everything you blog. I've included some of your finds (and linked back) in several posts on my own blog. I think your blog isgreat, creative and unique...I visit every week....keep it going please! :)
From Bali With Love,

Kate | 9/20/10, 12:35 PM

1000? Woot! Just keep doing what you are doing. My storage/box/container/industrial design fetish is fed here. Thank you!

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