Fitted Sheets: Argh

I firmly believe nobody likes folding a fitted sheet... except Martha, who shows us how in this 'riveting' 7-step process. 

For those that care to know how. 

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Sarah Grady | 1/30/12, 1:23 PM

I worked at Kmart in High School and we had a looping VHS (am I showing my age?) with Martha showing how to fold a fitted sheet...

Felicakes | 1/30/12, 7:00 PM

She is a life saver. I now fold my sheets this way. Pretty cool.

Deborah Holmes | 2/12/12, 12:03 PM

Do your fitted sheets look like this?

Caroline | 3/1/12, 12:50 PM

um...fold my sheet like that and no...they don't look like that. My fitted sheets and top sheets always are different sizes.

lee woo | 6/15/15, 3:46 AM

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