Cookie Cups

Using your tins upside-down - cute way to get more bang for your homemade cookie buck. 


Anonymous | 2/1/12, 8:22 PM

This is COOL!!!!

Anonymous | 2/13/12, 9:56 PM

This didn't work for me at all, any tips for those who have tried it?

violet | 4/15/12, 10:47 PM

Didn't work for me either. Cookie dough expanded all over the place when cooked

Latanya Woods | 11/21/12, 11:03 PM

Same for me. Cookie dough everywhere.

Anonymous | 1/6/13, 12:28 AM

Try putting a second tray on top to hold dough in place

Anonymous | 12/28/13, 1:40 PM

Substitute shortening in place of butter. Butter makes dough expand. The reason cookie dough is all over the place. When baking cookie dough form the dough around the cups.

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