If only...

why do women (including myself) have such ginormous wallets. I've always envied those that can limit their pocketbook size.  Leather card holder from Barret Alley.


Prof. Boring McMadeupsocialhistorylesson | 8/10/11, 9:53 AM

Men didn't traditionally do the daily shopping - when they took out their wallets, it was not to buy bananas and milk, but for major purchases. So they didn't need space in their wallets for change and coupons.

Even though this division of labour is not so much the case anymore, the wallet difference survives in part, I think, insofar as men wear looser pants and don't mind keeping their change in their pockets. And of course it is among the many other signs of sexual difference that we choose to carry on asserting even though they don't make sense anymore.

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