Green Muffins

vintage trays make for cute indoor planters.


A Simple Chaotic Mom | 2/2/12, 1:37 PM

What plant is it that you planted in these? They are SUPER cute!

Laurence : | 2/2/12, 1:38 PM

They are cute little plants aren't they. Wish i could help, but it wasn't my project... follow the 'via' link below for more info.

Alex Ferguson | 3/22/18, 1:35 AM

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Jessika Kreyer | 5/15/18, 8:36 AM

It is very beautiful plant. Can you say me name of it? I will be grateful to you.
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Ciana Langham | 8/29/18, 7:21 AM

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Unknown | 9/20/18, 8:39 PM

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Nathan Drake | 9/27/18, 5:19 PM

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