More Temporary Baby Storage

This seems equal parts useful and terrible.


Andrabhlalalalala | 3/26/11, 1:29 PM

I think this picture is a fraud. Clearly this baby just went skydiving and landed in a public bathroom...that is the only way to explain the elated expression on his face and the fact that the "hooks" can only be seen in a separate shot.

Anonymous | 2/5/12, 12:17 AM

I think this has great potential. Imagine if there were an attachment to an existing front carrier and you desperately need to use the potty, you could just hang the baby while you take care of business. Granted, I believe they'd need to come up with a way that the hooks can't be just undone from the other side by some unsuspecting stranger.

Anonymous | 3/2/12, 1:33 PM

kid looks happy

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