From the Stateside Beaches of Lake Ontario

Most who go for beach-side walks revel in their beauty and calm... NOT ME... i go about unashamedly looking for repurpose-able treasures - ignoring any accompanying friends knowing, that something terrific is waiting just behind the next rock.

This is clearly an inherited trait from my driftwood-collecting father whose findings decorate my family home... but decor isn't enough... function is where I find beauty.

During a wonderful mini-break to Montario Point, a beachside cottage spot on the US bank of our shared Lake Ontario, I appropriated two keepsakes that i've repurposed: a jewelry holder and a driftwood shelf (see below).

Free free to shower me with craft-envy and praise.

- Lo


Kate | 3/30/11, 12:31 PM
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Kate | 3/30/11, 12:32 PM

I am with you on the scavenging. It would just be hard to beat my lab, Henry, to any sticks around. He pretty much ignores every other person AND dog on the beach so long as there are sticks to play with.

I like the driftwood shelf especially.

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