Officially in my top 10.

This repurposed vintage printer drawer is everything i love - I know at least 3 close friends that will lose their marbles over this one.

(Thanks for the tip Julia!)


Care | 12/17/10, 4:21 PM

Amazing! I also love the little birds nest egg cups from earlier in the week. Bri said i can't get them cause now that they're on your blog they'll be so popular and everyone will have them ;)

Mallory | 12/29/10, 9:11 PM

I love the vintage printer drawers as storage. I think I found that same shop on Etsy awhile back, and then when we went to see family for Christmas, there was one of these type drawers in the bathroom, hanging as a curio shelf. Love it!

sarala | 4/13/12, 12:56 PM

Just great! I even have the type drawers to do it.
Question--would you allow this to be pinned on Pinterest?

Laurence | 4/13/12, 3:13 PM

Go for it sarala! Pin-away. Thanks for asking.

sarala | 4/13/12, 6:04 PM

You're welcome and thanks.

Anonymous | 5/30/12, 1:20 PM

I adore this! But all the drawers I've found only have different sizes of squares. Did you remove any pieces of wood to allow for necklaces to hang? Thanks!

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