Pipes as Porte-Manteau


t | 10/10/10, 9:48 AM

hi, this is rather unrelated to this specific post but to organization in general.

any suggestions on how to organize digital photos/ files/ documents/ images?
labeling/naming systems?

or just all our digital information in general with a good balance of efficiency and visual aesthetic, it is quite a broad question, but feels it lacks addressing on the interwebs and constantly becoming more overwhelming with almost an over saturation of information, things we like to save and such.

if not, how do you organize your folders, emails etc.
don't mean to get that personal, but yes, just keeping this objective.
if you have your material physical things organized, i'm thinking you'd have all things quite intangible and digital organized too.

it would be of great help if you shed light.
your blog is beautiful and i've been following since day one.
thank you for catering to us nature loving, design appreciating, organized chaos lot!


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