Handy Traveler

Quick DIY travel tote (made from an old tea cloth) for your gadgets.


movers Nebraska | 1/28/13, 2:47 AM

Wow! This tote is the perfect item organizer. The best part is it’s a DIY project! I am amazed and totally in love with DIY traveling kits and this one makes me want to travel again. Though my next trip is due in two months, I already know what to do after seeing this tote organizer. Thanks for sharing. I hope to see more DIY traveling projects to come!

Medison | 8/3/15, 8:45 AM

Very good advice, special for people who are going to move

Alhafes Rom | 9/22/15, 2:57 AM


Alhafes Rom | 9/22/15, 2:58 AM


Alhafes Rom | 9/22/15, 2:59 AM


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