Bathroom Buckets

A great combination - particularly for your outdoor, Mexican, sea-view showers.


Anonymous | 7/31/10, 4:31 PM

Call me dense, but exactly is the bucket supposed to be for?

Laurence : | 7/31/10, 4:33 PM

Good point J.R..... should have mentioned they were for your soaps and shampoo. tee hee.

Anonymous | 7/31/10, 6:55 PM

Oh, I see. I was really stumped trying to figure out why anyone would need a bucket in their bathroom (unless their toilet wasn't working), but I guess that makes sense, considering the design of those showers.

Kevin McAlister | 8/3/10, 8:10 AM

It is also good for keeping the wet bandits out of your house when you are home alone.

Laurence : | 8/6/10, 10:44 AM

Amazing comment Kevin! Took me a while... but i just burst out laughing when it clicked! Thanks.

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