Old Luggage

Great way to store things you don't look at often... souvenirs, old love letters, miscellaneous bits and bobs .... all neatly stacked in vintage luggage... sure beats that Rubbermaid nonsense.


Kate | 6/12/10, 1:28 PM

These are fabulous. My prized possession is an old steamer trunk that I use it in my sewing room. It even came with a few wooden hangers on which I can hang works-in-progress.

Lil Miss Red T-Shirt | 10/27/11, 5:29 PM

Nice. Where can you get vintage luggage cheap? I saw a red suitcase in an antique store I loved... but it was $75.

Anonymous | 3/12/12, 9:08 AM

I was thinking about donating my leather samsonite luggage set but now I have a reason to keep them!

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