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Let’s all agree that whiteboards are ugly.

The lovely people at Three by Three Seattle suggested I try their line of bamboo products which, like a whiteboard, can be used to make important notes, but crucially doesn’t sabotage your aesthetic.

If you say you're not familiar with Three by Three, i don’t believe you. I bet you’ve seen their lovely and sophisticated ‘Mighties’ magnets in every well-stocked design store.... yeah.... those magnets..... the ones you’ve been coveting. They’re great.

When I’m not solving international storage emergencies, I moonlight as a sustainable design consultant, so there is nothing I love more than a product that checks all my boxes (and I can delightfully brag about owning). Introducing my spankin’ new Entry Butler. Looks fab, treads lightly on the earth, holds my mail, iPhone.... and.....you can write on it. Major product-crush.

Be sure to check out all of Three by Three’s bamboo greatness, especially the Channel Panel, and if you want to get something for a friend (a.k.a. Me) you can do so at their online store.

In Toronto, Three by Three is available at these storage wonder-emporiums:


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