Store chairs in your pocket

Chairless, produced by Vitra and designed by Alejandro Aravena, is inspired by the seating belt used by Ayoreo indians from Paraguay


Anonymous | 4/20/10, 11:54 AM

I want to let you know that I am in love with your blog. My daily internet routine consists of: email, facebook, your blog. It's amazing! I have an obsession with organizing and you always post great ideas! Keep up the fantastic work.

Laurence : | 4/20/10, 11:58 AM

What a sweet comment, thanks so much! I can't believe i come right after Facebook. That's a pretty big deal. L

Jill | 4/20/10, 1:16 PM

If only I thought like you! Good thing I have a friend like you to impart your wonderful organizing ideas and remind me that lighting and plants are the most important things! Plus this chair looks like a backsaver at concerts etc!

Rebecca | 4/25/10, 11:27 AM

this chair is hilarious. I would really love to see a bunch of people sitting together in the park, maybe having a picnic, using these chairs.

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