Useful, but think about it...

So yes, this looks useful. You've got aluminum paper, plastic wrap and paper towel all in one handy place... but if you're anything like me, you don't use these silly, environmentally-lame products.

I'd rather see my half-tomato turn brown than cover it in an over-priced yucky plastic that i toss after a single use. My sandwiches are carried in a container, no foil needed*. And paper towels? Seriously?!

*exclusions made for baking... cookies trump environmental impact right?


Anonymous | 3/29/10, 8:22 PM

For baking cookies you can use a Silpat mat or other silicon baking pan liner.

Anonymous | 4/8/10, 2:20 AM

tomatoes take a really long time to turn brown, and if you put in (cut-side-down) on a plate in the fridge, it will keep. (I know all this from personal experience!) kudos on not using unnecessary packaging!

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