Puck it!

In honour of our victorious smack-down last night, i thought i'd see if i could find any exciting hockey-related storage.

Hockey Stick Box (by Dorothy Spencer)

Schtick Coat Rack (by Urban Product)

'Shinny' Floor Lamp (by Barr Gilmore)

Amazingness (by Sidney Crosby)


Anonymous | 3/1/10, 11:20 PM

Love the hockey ideas. After those exciting 2 weeks, thank you for keeping us in the mood a little longer!

joan v | 3/11/10, 2:00 AM

i'm a california hockey girl and hockey mom and hockey widow ... and californian!! but had to share my friend's creations for his kids. frames made from hockey sticks, a very cool bench from sticks for his boys that is a great place to sit and tie shoes. also gotta vote for his LA Kings paintings in his living room. actually looks cool with all the classy pottery barn furniture in the room!

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