Awkward Butter Storage....

ok, so this looks awful, but let's not reject the concept entirely.

Store your butter in the fridge in this clear butter mill, and it will come out spreadable, even when cold. (and according to the website's 'fun facts' section: one stick of butter produces a 10' long ribbon, how useful!)


Claudia | 4/29/10, 10:10 PM

I'd be really weirded out if I saw that in someone's fridge, haha. This reminds me of (what looked like) a simple porcelain dish I saw at Williams Sonoma last week that, apparently due to some water-holding compartment, kept butter at a spreadable consistency even in the fridge. I almost jumped at it - until I saw the $50 price tag. Eeesh.

lintqueen | 7/11/11, 9:51 AM

I will admit, we have one of these and, as ugly as it is, it does work very well. Terrible to clean (though you can take it apart and put it in the dishwasher), but it's worth it in the "not ripping the toast" department.

The device mentioned above, a butter butler, is, I believe, intended to keep butter fresh longer at room temperature. You fill the little pot with water and the compartment in the lid with the butter. When the lid is placed on the pot, the butter is submerged under water, keeping it from air and therefore from going rancid, allowing you to keep it out on the counter for longer.

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