What I store in my 6x3x1.5 inch kit that accompanies me most places i go.

Hair: clips, bobby pins
Face: concealer, lip-balm, blush/lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, extra earrings
Body: hand cream, perfume, OBs, anti-bacterial gel, nail polish remover towelettes,
Teeth: floss, brush, toothpaste
Just-in-case: Band-Aids, tylenol, vitamins, melatonin, Tide-To-Go, mints, pens, tab-towels, USB stick, safety pins, pen.


Anonymous | 1/26/10, 1:47 PM

Weird - I thought you were a guy this whole time. An extremely gay guy. Isn't Laurence a boy's name? This explains so much.

Laurence : | 1/26/10, 9:22 PM

In french, it's female - as am I.

Added a pretty pict to avoid any confusion. Enjoy.

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