Clever Li'l Spaces

These insanely efficient environment designs by Tumideispa take on small spaces.....and win!


Happy Campers | 10/11/09, 10:14 AM

I am in love with the idea of better usage of space in a room...too much vertical space is ignored! These ideas are amazing, although the rolling chair on the elevated platform in the first picture gives this Mama heart palpatations! Keep 'em coming...LOVE this!

SamanthaNajarro | 4/21/11, 2:16 PM

Who designed these? Amazing use of space!!

Laurence MacSween : | 4/21/11, 2:52 PM

Hi Samantha, the company is called Tumideispa... click on the 'by way of' under the post and it should take you there directly.

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