Sofa-bed for two

You've got a sofabed, and two friends who don't know each other. In a normal house, if those friends were to stay the night, you would have two options: the pillow wall, or the head-to-foot.

Not with this fancy little number by Resource Furniture. The first sofa-bunk-bed i've ever seen, and quite good looking too.

(n.b. this does not apply if these friends have engaged in hand-holding, eye-lash batting, or flirting of any kind, in which case a normal sofa bed might be your best option)


Anonymous | 8/5/09, 3:25 AM

Where can i purchase this??:P thank you for the interesting post!

Laurence : | 8/5/09, 11:28 AM

Hi, if you click on the 'by way of' section in the post it will take you to the source. If that doesn't work try this:

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