The 'new' Starbucks

In an effort to cash-in on the local cafe market, the big S has opened 15th Avenue E Coffee and Tea. Set up in its 'hometown' of Seattle, this concept store now serves wine, beer, uses real tea leaves, and a manual esspresso machine.... all without the infamous green stamp.

I definitely am not one to put down Starbucks, in fact i very much enjoy it for what it is; a classier McDonald's with free internet.

I have trouble with the brand trying to be something it isn't. 'Inspired by' is just code for 'we couldn't come up with anything original'. This is the brand that effectively created the paradigm-shifting third space away from home and the office; and all they can think to do is be inspired by themselves while copying the little guy? Not exactly innovative

That said, it looks nice. Whoever had the merchandising/interiors brief certainly earned their stipend, with some cute storage ideas to boot! Corporate brand aside, the average coffee drinker would probably enjoy the environment, so long as they can handle the cut-eye coming from the actual local coffee shops across the street.


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