Money Boxes

Not sure what purpose these serve other than to show off...

...A creative way to dole out allowance?
...A way to insensitively patronize someone who has just been laid off?
...A way to keep your foreign currency sorted?

....the useless options are endless.

(for the step by step procedure, click below)


Tess Carter | 8/31/09, 9:54 AM

When I was little, my mom had a huge box of old Christmas cards- we would make little pill boxes out f them just like this. She'd sometimes use them for gifts (obviously only things like jewelry, gift cards, or money). We might have given them to nursing homes too... They were pretty little things!

Head Llama | 11/11/11, 2:26 PM

I love this! I could use this as a cute way to package LITTLE christmas gifts. Thanks for the inspiration!

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