Meet the Sticklebook

Still not sure how i feel about this. Were shelves really that hard to manage before? Does this improve on anything?

Nope, but it sure looks neat. If you are in the market for an above-average place to store your David Beckham literature, this would work.

UPDATE: added a zoom picture of the sticklebook to dispel magic-based rumors.


nikki | 8/26/09, 2:37 AM

I don't get it! What makes it stick?? I tried zooming into the images but still, nothing! No...could it be...magick???!

Laurence MacSween : | 8/26/09, 8:38 AM

Hi nikki, hope the added picture helps a bit. I've never seen a Sticklebook in person, so i'm still not entirely convinced there aren't little elves on the end holding the books up....

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