Life-sized Tetris

Aside from the fact that you'll spend your days and nights compulsively dreaming up new configurations, this Tetrad Mini Bookcase is a whole big bunch of fun.

Somewhat prohibitively expensive at $300.00 a block, this is the perfect reason to befriend a carpenter.


Anonymous | 8/8/09, 2:19 PM

A lot of online DIY sites have a couple of different guides for how to recreate this bookcase for a WHOLE lot cheaper, even how to do all of the steps yourself. Here's a link to an example

Allison | 8/8/09, 5:57 PM

I loooooove this website! Keep up the good work :)

Marky | 8/9/09, 10:56 AM

WOW! Super amazing tetris. I love this!!!

The Green Man in his Green World

Mundane | 8/9/09, 10:57 AM

I wish I have this kind of stuff. This looks so awesome. Thank you for sharing!

Out of the Mundane
Marky Online
Litrato Blog

Erika | 8/9/09, 2:07 PM

These are expensive, but I would save up money for one of these babies.

Thanks for posting

Jaky Astik | 8/9/09, 11:38 PM

It's really wonderful yaar! But, if you go to India, carpenters do it easily and cheaply.

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