I like to put things away.

Not in an ironed jeans, Polaroids-on-shoeboxes, indexed or compulsive way, but I like my space to be just right. If that happens to be more on the chaotic side, so be it, but if I'm in the mood for tidy, I've got that option too.

I get a kick out of finding the best and most efficient way to store things (nerd alert!) but not at the cost of aesthetics. Label-makers and clear plastic boxes need not apply!

This is a collection of ideas for those who love to stow, and benevolent options for those that don't. Enjoy!


Stephanie | 5/20/11, 8:23 AM

I viewed your whole blog in about 2 nights... it is amazing and I added several images to my pinterest(.com) site. Thanks for finding so many great ideas out there and bringing them together...

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