Oh heavens...

could this solution be any simpler... cut loo rolls to keep wrapping paper neat and tidy... mind blown... 

(drop me a line if you know the image source)


Lela | 7/13/12, 4:20 AM

This is an awesome, awesome idea! So simple and inexpensive, I'm gonna do this! I might paint the rolls in matching colors before so you don't notice what it is right away ;-)

Jayni | 7/15/12, 8:42 AM

I KNEW there was a reason I was saving these . . . They're great for cord/cable storage, but I don't have THAT many cords OR cables. Now you come forward with this idea that makes me look practical, because I've got LOTS of gift wrap!

Ciara Kay | 7/16/12, 2:59 PM

I feel like an idiot. Who comes up with these devilishly simple solutions?!

carla gilbert | 7/24/12, 9:33 AM

It took me a full day to get through your blog newest post to oldest... Love love love.... And I spread the word while doing it....

Laurence : | 7/24/12, 1:43 PM

Thanks Clara!

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