Practical Origami (without sarcasm)

Seriously, who has been holding out on me regarding this ingenious way of folding chip bags. I can't say this would be useful on a daily basis, but my goodness is it clever! Is this the sort of things that everyone knows about, but me?


Pam | 8/5/12, 2:37 PM

More artistic than folding the bad down, then holding with rubber bands

Sophia grace | 6/27/18, 6:55 AM

a really simple way is to peel and slice a potato into chip like shapes! then par boil (so not quite cook/not quite raw) then place on a baking tray spray with fry light oil (or if you're not bothered about calories olive oil drizzled) then toss around sprinkle with salt and pepper and roast in the oven for about 30 mins, moving them around half way through!
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