Vertical Cutlery Storage

don't forget this handy option exists.


Sharon Muse | 1/12/12, 8:53 PM

love this - where do I get it?

Sharon Muse | 1/12/12, 8:53 PM

Not sure if my comment went through - can you buy this insert? If so, where? Thanks!

Laurence : | 1/16/12, 11:47 AM

I believe it is a custom design, but check out the 'via' link under the photo for more information.

Lizbux | 3/27/12, 7:08 AM

This is such a cool idea, all my stuff is in self storage at the moment until I get the kitchen decorated. I am wondering how deep do the draws have to be to try this? Definitely going to show this to my joiner!

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