or... "How it took a Scotsman’s aesthetic vision to fall back in love with my city."

After our victorious (juste, righteous, compulsory...) hockey win over the US at the Olympics, I posted some hockey related storage, including the ‘Schtick” by urbanproduct [up]. What i hadn’t realized was this multi-disciplinary studio, run by Stephen Lindsay, has amassed a collection of products and furniture clearly deserving of a featured post. So here we are...

Those who know me will understand why i've developed an infatuation with these products. Combining natural materials with reclaimed and repurposed items, UP’s aesthetic appears to perfectly balance form and function - and with the occasional sprinkle of Canadiana, i feel good about the world just looking at them!

BOWLSKII | Fruit + Veg bowl

(reused skiis)

SCHTICK | coat hanger

(reused hockey sticks)

I often wonder how Canada is positioned in the design world. A young country with so many different cultures calling it home, we lack the consistency of the Scandinavians, the modernity of the Japanese, the historical references of the English or French, but with passionate studios like urbanproduct, Canada is beginning to create its own visual narrative.

Speaking with Stephen, my country and hometown were brought to life, and I came away with renewed excitement about the future possibilities of Canadian design.

FLINT | coat hook

(reclaimed bamboo flooring / birch)

KITSCHEN | storage units
(repurposed fridge drawers)

HOOKSKII | shelf + coat rack

CRISPER | media unit + storage
(repurposed fridge drawers + reclaimed hemlock from Toronto's ferry docks)

WAFER | Bed + Storage

DUNE | wall treatment
(cast locally, with natural pigments + soya-based finishing)



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