Moving Day

I hope you'll forgive the slow pace over the past couple weeks; with a house move ahead, things have been busy over here. But with a new place comes many more ideas + inspirations. Back on monday with the usual scintillating storage. Happy Weekend!



Anonymous | 10/3/11, 12:59 AM

Well at least you'll have lots of good ideas on how to organize all your stuff! And remember, lift with your legs.

Anonymous | 10/19/11, 3:16 PM

I hope your move is going well!

I have to say that I really miss your posts. I didn't realize that that I was a tad addicted until the break.

Have fun finding new perfect spots for your old cherished things (my favourite new home moments).

Vancouver, B.C.

Laurence MacSween : | 10/20/11, 1:15 PM

Thanks Glenda! Sorry to leave you hanging cold-turkey, should be able to get your regular fix going forward =)

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