This video will change your life

I have no words for the level of awesomeness that is this video... crazy wonderful? Super helpful?...

This video will save you a year of your life by eliminating time wasted on silly tasks. (apparently it's a part of a digital media campaign by Sprint)

You will want to watch it more that once... and take notes.... and send it to your friends... and practice... and show off around people that haven't seen it...

the earphone tying and boiled eggs blew my mind.


Erica | 1/30/11, 7:40 PM

the earphone tying is an old macrame trick, personally I can't wait to practice the turbo parking next time I'm at the shops

Audrey | 10/3/11, 10:18 PM

holy crap this is awesome! exhale with gusto!

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