And we're back...

Cheerful and cheeky "Handjob Hooks" represent, in sequence, how i feel about my recent move. Almost set up and back to fully functioning status in my new space... thanks for your patience!


Anonymous | 10/20/11, 1:26 PM

Hahaha, sorry just can't believe that the first time I find your blog you use the term "HANDJOB", means something else here in the U.K. hahahahaha

Laurence : | 10/20/11, 1:32 PM

Means the same thing over here too. The designer obviously has a sense of humour about his creations =)

Annie | 10/20/11, 7:47 PM

The funny thing is that here most of those have positive meanings (other then the middle finger of course) But those are all "The middle finger" in different cultures.

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